To Read Tuesdays: I Woke Up Dead at the Mall

I Woke Up Dead at the Mall by Judy Sheehan (March 22)

When Sarah wakes up dead at the Mall of America, she learns that not only was she murdered, her killer is still on the loose. I Woke Up Dead at the Mall is a terrifically fun & voicey YA novel that tackles some of life’s – and the afterlife’s – biggest questions.

Judy Sheehan’s new YA book is definitely something to look forward to this March. From the first page of ‘I Woke Up Dead at the Mall,’ I was entranced by the beautifully developed setting, interesting characters, and captivating plot. Sarah can’t imagine why she woke up in the Mall of America, where all the recently-murdered ghosts of NYC go. She never had any friends, and consequently never had any enemies. As she searches for closure, she uncovers a dirty scheme that went horribly wrong, and struggles to end it. Judy Sheehan has crafted a witty, heart-wrenching novel perfect for fans of John Green and Ned Vizzini that I assure you, you’ll love. Keep an eye out for I Woke Up Dead at the Mall, on shelves March 22nd.

-Reed R.

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#ToReadTuesdays were created by the QRB Teen Advisory Board to share highly anticipated, upcoming YA books with fellow readers.


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